Friday, 1 April 2011

A new dawn aproaches

River Mite  Rests after a days running.
Well recently i have been looking at the layout and  something was never quite right with it and i wasn't happy  with how the track flowed thru the Landscape as i had  built it  so all the track has been lifted and i have decided that My 09 layout adventures will come to a halt fo the time being to allow me to further other projects and Research a Much more suitable  location for the layout.

Northern rock at ravenglass station may 2010

It is highly likely that  this will re emerge as Dalegarth station on the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway as it is now. offering me a fixed prototype and feeding my interest in Lal ratty  it will be a challenging scene to recreate and will be a very big layout  but the thoughts of DCC sound fitted models of River Mite,Esk and NORTHERN ROCK is something very much want to turn my hand to. As they say Watch this space.....

Dalegarth (New) station

A sign of things to come perhaps in a few years this large spacious station building... or perhaps  the viewer will be looking over the wall at the end of the turntable .... who knows what will happen

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